First year progress – Amin Kassab-Bachi

Research Project

My research project is about the computational prediction of spinal treatments’ outcomes using machine learning techniques, I am in my first year of a 4 year programme so there isn’t much research work going on at the moment as I’m still mostly working on modules.

Supervisory Team

I have already been introduced to my supervisory team and colleagues in the Center for Computational Imaging & Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine (CISTIB). We had a few discussions about my research, and I started looking for books and joining online courses to help me get up to speed and get my head around the basics of machine learning algorithms. I plan to start coding and reviewing the relevant literature this June.

Systematic Review

Currently, I’m working on a systematic review discussing the finite element models used for assessing the factors that influence the stability of the most common type of wrist fractures (scaphoid fractures). I’m also working on an assay discussing the synthesis and application of nanoparticles, with an emphasis on microemulsion synthesis and the application of superparamagnetic iron oxides nanoparticles in medical imaging.

Personal Development

I’ve also attended many training sessions, workshops and scientific events since joining the program. They spanned a wide range of subjects, such as innovation commercialisation, medical technology development and standards, effective networking and communication, and time management. Some were very technical, such as the MultiSim workshop I attended at the University of Sheffield in March. During which researchers from very diverse backgrounds showcased their work on multiscale simulation in different fields of medical, chemical and material science. The next big one coming up is the BioMedEng19 conference at the Imperial College London this September. I expect it’ll have themes related to my research, such as computational medicine and medical imaging, in addition to other subjects.


Amin Kassab-Bachi
My name is Amin Kassab-Bachi. I have a BEng in Medical Engineering from Al-Ahliyya Amman University in Amman, Jordan, and an MSc in Medical Engineering from the University of Leeds,...
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