How much is too much coffee? – Jane Wright

Written by Jane Wright

How much is too much coffee?

Having spent 9 months out to go on maternity leave, I found myself returning back to work for a few months before lockdown hit. Now we’re here, I’ve been spending most of my time (when not looking after a baby or doing quizzes) trying to write and hand in several module assignments. Thank goodness for coffee. Now these are in and ticked off my ‘To-do’ list, I’m ready for research to begin, yet minus a lab.

I’m planning on spending the next bit of time in lockdown trying to develop any skills I can, online. I have so far completed ethics training for using human tissue, and training on using the Instron. This, I am sure will come in useful as one of the first things I plan on doing when I return, is generate data on baseline ligament properties. I am also planning on working my way through an extensive list of LinkedIn Learning courses I have saved. These include foundations in statistics (euch!), Learning Python and AutoCAD essentials training.

It’s been tough trying to stay motivated and work effectively with so much uncertainty, but I am learning to slow down and go easy on myself and enjoying time with my daughter. I’m looking forward to re-emerging from this lockdown with relief and working with my wonderful colleagues again in person.

Here are some snapshots of what current life looks like for me:





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