Richa Gandhi

I completed my Hons. BSc in Neuroscience at the University of Toronto in Canada, after which I moved to England to complete my MSc in Cancer Studies at Oxford Brookes University.

What previous lab experience do you have?

I have both undergraduate and postgraduate experience in molecular biology and biochemistry labs. I’ve been exposed to plenty of neuroscience lab work as well – including sheep brain dissection!

What attracted you to the Centre for Doctoral Training in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine – Innovation in Medical and Biological Engineering

Previously, I have studied a great deal about the deterioration of tissues and organs through neurodegenerative diseases and cancers. The CDT in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine allows me to put a positive spin on my previous knowledge owing to its potential to reconstruct damaged tissues and organs, restore normal function and ultimately improve the quality of life of individuals.

How did you hope the CDT integrated PhD would give you an advantage over a conventional PhD? What benefits do you feel you get from the interdisciplinary nature of the course?

The integrated and interdisciplinary nature of this PhD offers many opportunities that are advantageous over those found with a conventional PhD. The inclusion of different lab placements in Year 1 helps in getting a feel for different research areas and developing a wider skillset before deciding on the focus of the final PhD research. Through this programme, I am exposed to a wider network of professionals and academics for collaboration – this is something that is beneficial for a broader understanding of the research field as I draw on the expertise from a range of different disciplines to allow me to consider my final PhD project from many different perspectives.

How do you hope to extend the experience gained from the course in your future career?

The experience gained from this course will ultimately help me in becoming a well-rounded scientist, with technical knowledge and transferable skills that are not restricted to a single field of study.

Could you give one phrase that would persuade others to join the CDT?

Exciting, dynamic, cutting-edge – that is the CDT TERM iMBE at the University of Leeds!

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